Forging A Strong Dentist-To-Patient Relationship

dental check-up

If you’re not looking forward to your appointment with the dentist, it is a sign of either dental anxiety, or you’re simply not comfortable with the current dentist you’re visiting. As a patient, your needs need to be fulfilled for the best results for your oral health, and this includes being able to forge a […]

How Can Dentists Help With Dental Anxiety?

patient with dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is common amongst many patients, so if you’re reading this and you’ve experienced dental anxiety in the past, or continue to, you are not alone. Whilst sedation dentistry is available at most dental practices, this may make you feel uncomfortable, and you’re hoping to seek alternative methods to help reduce your dental anxiety. […]

The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

a patient and dentist

If you’re feeling anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist, or you have a certain dental phobia, modern dentistry has sedation dentistry available to help you get through your appointment comfortably and safely. What is sedation dentistry? Sedation dentistry is a technique that helps patients feel relaxed during a dental procedure. Modern dentistry has […]