Are You Avoiding A Dental Check-Up?

If you brush your teeth and gums regularly at home, and you’re happy about how your smile looks, you’re probably wondering whether there is any point in visiting the dentist for a dental check-up.

This is natural to think this. Although, what is important to know is that actually avoiding a dental check-up is worse for your oral health.

Why is this? A dental professional is astute in understanding what it takes to have strong teeth and gums. There may be many reasons why you’re avoiding a dental check-up. You could be suffering from dental anxiety. It may be too expensive for you or you simply feel that a visit to the dentist isn’t warranted.

suffering with anxiety

Avoiding a dental check-up is a sign that you’re not looking after your oral health probably, as cliche as it sounds. Here’s why.

Cracks Can Form In Your Teeth At Anytime

Even though you’re brushing and flossing your teeth at home, this doesn’t mean that your teeth are not susceptible to chips and cracks. This is because a dental accident can occur out of nowhere. This can occur via trauma or overzealous brushing. Visiting the dentist is important in this regard so you can learn the correct brushing techniques and the habits you must avoid so your teeth do not crack.

You May Have Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can cause cancerous cells that grow in the mouth. This can also manifest in your bloodstream but can be treatable if caught early. This is another reason why avoiding a dental check-up isn’t the right thing to do. Dental professionals have all the necessary knowledge and know-how to detect oral cancer signs, which is difficult to detect at home.

Understand Your Oral Health Better

Naturally, humans use their teeth to perform certain dental habits, such as opening packaging, biting down on ice or anything solid and biting your nails. Any habits that resemble using your teeth excessively will cause damage to your oral health. The dentist will make you aware of this as part of educating you on your oral health. Understanding the overall picture of your oral health can only come from your dentist.

Conditions Can Cause Further Damage

If you suffer from certain conditions that damage your teeth such as teeth grinding, no matter how strong your oral health is, your teeth will be in danger of significant wear and tear. Therefore, understanding if you suffer from conditions that naturally damage your teeth comes from the dentist, with treatment plans being available to avoid further damage.

scraping dental plaque on teeth

Clear Up Dental Plaque

Food can remain stuck in between your teeth even if you brush your teeth every day. When food debris remains stuck, this can cause dental plaque build-up, and if the plaque escalates, this can cause cavities and tooth decay. Therefore, visiting the dentist for a check-up is important so that they can perform a professional clean to remove any debris and bacteria.

Avoiding a dental check-up is actually more concerning to your teeth and gums. The dentist can offer regular advice along with checks to ensure you’re carrying a strong oral routine at home. Regular check-ups will eventually be required as you age as well.

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