Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety involves having a phobia or fear of visiting the dentist. This means that the feeling will ensure you avoid visiting the dentist at any cost. Unfortunately, doing so can result in your oral health becoming worse.

Luckily, dental practices are now capable of treating dental anxiety amongst patients so that they feel calm and relaxed at their check-up appointment.

scraping dental plaque off teeth

If you suffer from the following symptoms, it is a sign of dental anxiety:

  • Regular sweating when thinking about something that causes an anxious feeling
  • Feeling regularly stressed over thinking about the dentist
  • An escalating heartbeat
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms
  • Feeling panicky

Do you avoid the dentist due to feeling these symptoms? Here are some thoughts that have been shared with previous patients as to why they suffer from those symptoms.

  • You have suffered from a previous traumatic dental experience causing you to feel anxious about a future dental visit
  • You suffer with general anxiety disorder
  • You have a phobia of dental equipment touching inside your mouth
  • You are fearful of losing your teeth
  • There is a lack of trust when visiting the dentist
  • Feeling claustrophobic
dental anxiety

How Can I Reduce Dental Anxiety?

Suffering from dental anxiety is common and can now be treated at the dentist. If you feel anxious when thinking of visiting the dentist, here are some tips on what you can do.

  • Tell The Dentist – If you’re due for a check-up at the dentist but you’re anxious about your visit, notify the dentist well before your appointment begins so they can perform the necessary steps to ensure your visit is less anxious.
  • Meditate – Meditation helps you to reduce any anxious thoughts. You can focus on something positive before your appointment to get yourself in the right frame of mind.
  • Seek Support – Support with a companion or using distractions can help you allay your fears and divert your thoughts to another focus whilst the dentist goes to work on your teeth.
  • Request Sedation – Most dental practices can provide sedation to help you feel consciously relaxed whilst the dentist gets to work on your teeth.

It is important to become consciously aware of your dental anxiety so you can become aware of what to do about it. This will also help you take the necessary steps so that you can regularly visit the dentist comfortably.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, but you have an appointment coming, tell us! We at Coorparoo are well equipped to manage your dental anxiety. Contact us here today!

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