Forging A Strong Dentist-To-Patient Relationship

If you’re not looking forward to your appointment with the dentist, it is a sign of either dental anxiety, or you’re simply not comfortable with the current dentist you’re visiting. As a patient, your needs need to be fulfilled for the best results for your oral health, and this includes being able to forge a strong patient-to-dentist relationship.

This includes feeling connected with the dentist at all times and for them to know your best interests and your concerns. This helps considerably by knowing a dentist that you’re happy with. For example, having a dentist that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable in the environment, and having the extra comfort of the dentist knowing your likes, dislikes and fears. It presents an image that the dentist cares about.

So what other reasons are a strong dentist-to-patient relationship important? Let’s find out.

a strong patient-to-dentist relationship

Share Fears And Anxieties

A patient is more likely to share their fears and anxieties to a dentist that they trust. This makes the patient experience at the dentist much easier and calmer. This can also help curb the patient’s dental anxiety! It means that the patient is happy to place the dentist in control of the patient experience.

Visit With Confidence

When an appointment is due, the patient is more inclined to feel confident visiting the dentist that they trust. That means they’ll feel less fearful and can open up to the dentist about how they’re feeling on the day.

Stronger Oral Health

When a patient suffers from dental anxiety, the chances of maintaining strong oral health are limited because the patient may avoid check-ups, or the dentist cannot go to work on teeth and gums as the patient may not allow them to. When a patient is confident, the dentist will be able to work their magic to restore a strong smile.

a patient and dentist

How Can I Build A Strong Dentist-To-Patient Relationship

Be proactive by beginning to build a strong dentist-to-patient relationship by following these steps:

  • Arrive For Your Appointment Early – If you’re always arriving late for your appointment, this isn’t a good way to build a strong relationship. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • Share Your Fears – Always be honest and open up to a dentist that you trust. This means voicing your fears about anything relating to your appointment.
  • Update Your Dentist Regularly – Updating the dentist means telling them how you feel about the appointment, or any changes from a medical sense that may impact your oral health.

You can make the right steps immediately to forge a strong dentist-to-patient relationship today. You can get started with us at Coorparoo Dentist today!

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