How long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Without question, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure. A powerful, gleaming, and confident grin is something that most, if not all, people strive for. Although, how long does teeth whitening last? Being able to answer this question will help you determine whether paying for teeth whitening treatment is worth it or not. The last thing you want is to fork out for treatment and not get the results that you expect.

Answering the question of how long teeth whitening last has several factors that influence it, not just at the dentist but at home as well.

So, let’s break down everything you need to know about teeth whitening treatment to help you answer this question.

What Teeth Whitening Treatments Are Available?

There are a variety of procedures available to whiten your teeth, not simply going to the dentist because you can now purchase DIY teeth whitening kits from your local medicine store. Products such as whitening gels, strips, and pens are now available in the local market.

Which is the most effective of the three? It is dependent on your requirements. Finally, if you’re searching for a quick remedy, over-the-counter medications may be an option. One thing to keep in mind is that over-the-counter products are less expensive, but they aren’t tailored to your needs. This indicates that the items are one-size-fits-all.

Because in-office teeth whitening is performed by dental specialists who utilise proven procedures to lighten the tint of your teeth, it is a safe procedure.

What Factors Impact How Long Teeth Whitening Lasts?

After teeth whitening treatment, keeping your teeth white depends on how well you look after your teeth at home. Let’s look at these factors in greater detail:

What Do You Eat?

What are you prepared to give up to keep your teeth white? Food and drink that include chemicals and tannins that induce discolouration lead natural teeth to become darker. Wine, tea, coffee, and other dark liquids, for example, have qualities that aren’t necessarily beneficial to white teeth.

Consider eating clearer foods and drinking clear fluids like water as part of good dental hygiene. If you’re serious about keeping your teeth white, make sure your diet reflects that.

How Strong Is Your Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is an important aspect of everyday life. If you don’t clean and floss your teeth regularly, you’re likely to attract bacteria that coat and discolour your teeth. This can result in the formation of dental plaque, which can lead to tooth decay.


Our oral health gradually deteriorates as we get older, and our enamel begins to thin. This signifies that the underlying inner dentin is increasingly exposed, and the yellow colour is beginning to appear more than usual. As a result, the outcomes of teeth whitening treatment for someone older may be less successful than for someone younger. However, don’t let this deter you!

How Long Does It Take To Whiten Teeth?

The dentist uses a higher dose of whitening agent in an in-office teeth whitening procedure at a dental clinic, which you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, the agent is quite gentle on your teeth. Teeth whitening in the clinic can take up to an hour in one visit.

Over-the-counter and at-home teeth whitening strips aren’t custom-made to fit your smile. The products also have lesser whitening ingredient concentrations, which means that while the results may appear rapidly, they may not last as long as in-office teeth whitening.

Which Do I Choose? In-Office Teeth Whitening vs At-Home Whitening?

Teeth whitening at the workplace produces faster and longer-lasting results. It’s also really safe to do. After treatment, you may notice some sensitivity, but this isn’t likely to persist long. They are more expensive than home products, but the investment will be worthwhile if you take good care of your teeth with good dental hygiene.

Whitening products that may be used at home are less expensive, have less sensitivity, and can be done with a few simple instructions. The results, on the other hand, may not be as reliable and may induce adverse effects such as gum irritation. You must also remember to use the whitening kit daily.

Teeth whitening is a worthwhile investment. This, however, is merely a function of the actions you perform once treatment is complete. 

As a result, follow your dentist’s advice for a long-lasting, healthy smile!

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