How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Maintaining oral hygiene is paramount, and understanding the financial aspects of dental cleanings is equally crucial. In this discourse, we delve into the costs associated with different types of teeth cleanings, shedding light on the financial considerations of these essential dental procedures.

How Much Does Dental Cleaning Cost?

Teeth cleaning is pivotal for oral health, preventing cavities and gum issues. Understanding the cost implications aids in financial planning. Here’s an overview of the expenses associated with dental cleanings:

Professional Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Professional teeth cleaning involves a deep cleansing by a dental professional to eliminate hard plaque and tartar, inaccessible through regular brushing. The cost typically ranges from $75 to $200 for a basic cleaning, influenced by factors such as:

Location of the dental office

Type of practice (private or community clinic)

Complexity of dental needs

Deep Teeth Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing)

Individuals with gum disease may require scaling and root planing, a comprehensive cleaning targeting plaque and tartar beneath the gum line. Costs vary between $150 to $350 per side of the mouth, with most patients necessitating treatment on multiple sides. Factors impacting pricing include:

Severity of gum disease

Number of treatment visits required

Additional interventions like antibiotic application under the gums


While the cost of teeth cleanings, particularly deep cleanings, may appear daunting, these preventive measures mitigate the risk of expensive dental interventions in the future. Engaging in discussions with your Dentist Coorparoo regarding cost estimates and insurance coverage ensures financial alignment with your oral health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dentist clean yellow teeth?

Yes, dentists can effectively address yellowing teeth through professional treatments and routine cleaning procedures, effectively eliminating surface stains and enhancing tooth brightness.

Does teeth cleaning remove black stains?

Professional teeth cleaning procedures are adept at removing black stains caused by various factors, including smoking and dietary habits. While some stubborn stains may necessitate additional cosmetic treatments, routine cleaning effectively eliminates surface discoloration.

How can I clean my teeth at home?

Maintaining oral hygiene at home involves regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, daily flossing to eliminate plaque buildup, use of mouthwash for bacterial control, and avoidance of sugary and acidic foods to prevent staining.

Is scaling of teeth painful?

Scaling, while potentially uncomfortable, particularly in the presence of significant plaque buildup, can be made more tolerable through the application of local anaesthesia by dentists, ensuring a relatively pain-free experience.

Is tartar removal painful?

While tartar removal may induce discomfort, especially in cases of gum inflammation or disease, dentists prioritise patient comfort and employ techniques, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain during the procedure.

Can I remove tartar at home?

Attempting tartar removal at home is not recommended, as it can lead to damage to teeth and gums. Tartar removal should be exclusively performed by dental professionals equipped with the requisite tools and expertise.

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