How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

Your enamel is the most vital substance in the body. Although, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t susceptible to damage. When your enamel becomes exposed and weak, it will impact your smile. This also includes when you experience a chipped tooth. 

No matter if the severity of a chipped tooth is minor, it can get progressively worse at any time if you delay a visit to the dentist. When you experience a chipped tooth, understanding what to do next is important. 

What Do I Do If I Have A Chipped Tooth?

If you’ve suffered a fractured or chipped tooth, it is important that you visit the dentist as soon as possible. There is an added danger of your tooth becoming even more damaged the more you delay it, resulting in potential infection and other oral health risks.

Can I Fix A Chipped Tooth At Home?

There may be times when you can’t visit a dentist straight away. If that’s the case, there are remedies you can perform at home as a self-care measure, which are especially important. You need to limit any source of pain.

  • Pain Relief – Reduce sensitivity as a short-term measure before visiting the dentist with drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. 
  • Water Rinse – There’s an added danger of suffering from an infection with a chipped tooth. To reduce these chances, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water regularly throughout the day.
  • Update Your Diet – The tooth can become even more damaged if you continue to eat solid and chewy foods. Alter your diet and choose softer options that reduce the pressure of biting. Consider foods such as boiled potato, soup and soft vegetables.
  • Temporary Repair Kits – You can now get temporary repair kits to repair loose caps and chips in your teeth. Dentemp is clinically proven to fix this for the short term until you visit the dentist for a permanent solution.

What Are The Treatment Options To Fix A Chipped Tooth?

The dentist will likely recommend the most appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the problem. The following treatment options will be available for a chipped tooth:

Dental Crown

 A dental crown is effective in protecting the chipped tooth from further damage. The crown mould is thicker and helps to restore the appearance of your smile whilst protecting the chipped tooth from infection.


The chipped tooth can be covered by a dental veneer, a thin-shaped shell placed in front of the tooth surface, meaning the chipped tooth is virtually invisible.

Dental Implant

 If the chipped tooth is severe and requires tooth extraction treatment, the dentist may recommend a prosthetic replacement in a dental implant. This most natural-like replacement can last a lifetime.

Root Canal

If the chipped tooth has caused the pulp in the tooth to become inflamed, the dentist will remove the infection first before applying a crown to reduce the infection. 

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves using a tooth-coloured resin material to repair the front tooth. When you smile, the chipped tooth becomes unnoticeable.

Even if it’s a small chip, a chipped tooth needs a trip to the dentist. You’re at greater risk of making the chip progressively worse if you ignore it. A chipped tooth is easily treatable. Preserve your smile by booking yourself in for an appointment.

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