Laser Dentistry: Everything You Need To Know

Believe it or not, laser dentistry sounds modern, but it’s been around for the last 30 years, and its success continues to increase its popularity. Advanced technology has meant the way laser dentistry is performed has evolved, and today, it can be used to perform a variety of dental procedures, something you’ll learn about right here.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

The term LASER stands for ‘light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. The dentist uses laser instruments to shine a beam of light to an affected tooth so that it causes a reaction to the underlying tissue at different wavelengths to reshape or remove it. 

Laser dentistry is typically used for restorative treatments and typically as a bonding agent and bleaching agent for teeth whitening, but there are other benefits to its use, such as reducing bleeding and swelling and reducing infection. 

What Else Can Laser Dentistry Be Used For?

Advanced technology has meant that Laser dentistry can be used for a variety of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how laser treatment works before your appointment if it’s recommended by your dentist.

Typically, laser dentistry is used for the following treatments:

  • Gum Disease – Laser treatment can wear away the inflamed tissue whilst keeping your healthy tissue in place. The treatment is also beneficial when breaking up hard dental plaque, which is one of the causes of gum disease.
  • Tooth Decay – If one or multiple teeth are decayed because of a cavity, lasers are more efficient compared to drills when saving the tooth with dental filling treatment. 
  • Root Canal – A root canal is typically considered when a tooth is severely decayed but a healthy portion of it remains. Laser dentistry ensures decayed tissue is removed during the procedure.
  • Wisdom Teeth – Dentists need to cut away at gum tissue to produce enough room to slowly extract a partially erupted tooth.
  • Discoloured Teeth – Lasers are used as bleaching agents during teeth whitening treatment which lifts stains off your teeth efficiently.
  • Teeth Whitening – Lasers are being used more frequently to get the best results for your smile.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

The reason why laser dentistry treatments are so popular is because of the benefits patients receive from them. To go with this, laser dentistry is painless and smooth. Here are some of its benefits:

  • A faster form of treatment compared to when using manual equipment
  • Reduces bleeding and swelling 
  • Retains healthy gum tissue 
  • Keeps gums healthy to deliver a strong shiny smile
  • Minimal bleeding and promotes clotting
  • Reduced sensitivity post-treatment
  • Comfortable and relaxing form of treatment
  • Fast and effective results

Does Laser Dentistry Hurt?

Naturally, when patients aren’t familiar with dental treatment, they question whether it’s safe and painless. The simple answer is yes. When performing a treatment, the dentist will be wearing protective equipment to ensure no irritation with your teeth and gums. You as a patient will also be given protective goggles during the procedure.

The wavelength of the laser reacts when the laser is shone towards the gum or teeth to ensure less friction when it isn’t required. The laser will slow down its reaction time if the dentist accidentally touches the tissue. This is also a benefit to you because it will reduce any bacteria build-up.

Laser dentistry is slow, for a reason, but does the job efficiently.

Is Laser Dentistry The Way Forward?

Modern dentistry continues to advance itself, but two key ingredients for successful dental treatments are quality and time. Laser dentistry whilst may be effective is a slow procedure as well, and patients are more inclined to want faster treatments. 

Although, there is no doubt that laser dentistry is here to stay because of the effective results it delivers. 

How Much Does Laser Dentistry Cost For Other Treatments?

A laser is not particularly cheap. Many dental treatments are being used with lasers as mentioned. Dental treatments typically cost more in locations such as Sydney and Melbourne. In most cases, routine treatments will increase if lasers are used for the procedures. The cost of using laser treatments can increase the overall cost of treatment from $200.

To find out the exact cost, notify your dentist and let them know that you’re interested in laser treatment and you’ll be made aware of the available treatments.

Are you seeking a transformation to your smile and want to try laser treatment? Consult your dentist today!

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