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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening Offer


  • Zoom in-surgery teeth whitening in less than 1½ hours!
  • Free 10 minute smile assessment
  • Plus - An extra bonus - Free take home whitening kit

What is teeth whitening?

Whitening treatments help restore your teeth’s former brightness, or can reduce stains that you’ve had all your life. Dentist can help you understand how bright your teeth can become through teeth whitening – patient results can vary based on a wide variety of factors like background, age, and predisposition. There are numerous ways to provide this treatment. One popular method is by in-chair whitening, administered by a dental professional. Another is a take-home kit, which our Albany dentists in Brisbane can provide for you.

How long does in-chair Zoom™ teeth whitening take?

In-chair whitening generally takes over one hour. During this time, our dentist combine a unique bright light and a specifically created solution to reduce stains and give teeth a whiter appearance.

Mini Consult

You will need to come in for a mini 10 minute consult to assess your suitability for Zoom!™ Teeth whitening. It is possible that you may require a professional scale and clean prior to the Zoom!™ Appointment to ensure that you maximize the outcome of your teeth whitening procedure. There will be an additional fee for this.

Where do I get take home whitening kits?

Take-home kits are specially modified just for you, by our dentist Coorparoo. This involves taking an impression of your teeth and tailoring a custom-moulded tray. We’ll then show you how to use the kit at home.

Zoom™ Teeth Whitening Before and After

*The before and after treatment images below were provided by Philips Zoom!™.   We have other teeth whitening techniques available in the practice as well. To know more call us today at 07 3847 8001

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