Tips to Clean Dentures

Dentures are the perfect solution for individuals who have several missing teeth. These dental prosthetics allow patients who have lost their teeth to speak, eat, and smile normally again. Dentures help regain the normal function of the teeth so that they look natural.

However, dentures need good care and maintenance to last a long time. If maintained properly, dentures can last up to ten years. Although your dentures aren’t made from real teeth, you should keep them clean, stain-free, and looking their best. 

Learning how to clean dentures properly is important. Here are some tips to help you clean dentures the right way:

  1. Brush your Dentures Daily

Remember that brushing your dentures at least once a day is important. Remove your dentures and clean them using a regular soft toothbrush or a denture brush to remove the build-up that might be present on the surface of false teeth. 

You can also use a low-abrasive toothpaste or a denture paste to remove the food particles and other deposits. But make sure to avoid using denture cleansers inside your mouth.

  1. Rinse Dentures After Eating

To prolong the lifespan of your dentures, you should rinse your dentures after eating. Use lukewarm or cold water and run it over your dentures to eliminate food debris and loose particles. 

Also, fill your sink with water or place a towel on the counter to prevent the dentures from breaking if you drop them.

  1. Soak Dentures Overnight

Since most dentures require moisture to maintain their form, you should also soak your dentures overnight in water, salt water, or a mild denture-soaking solution. Soaking your dentures in salt water keeps them moist and disinfects them.  

  1. Rinse Dentures Again

Be sure to rinse your dentures again in the morning before putting them back into your mouth. This tip is helpful, especially if you use a denture-soaking solution. Since these solutions contain harmful chemicals, they may cause vomiting, burns, or pain if swallowed.

  1. Regular Dental Visits

Scheduling regular appointments with your dentist is a good way to take proper care of your dentures. Your dentist will examine for issues like lesions or alterations to your jaw and ensure that the dentures fit properly in your mouth.

Additionally, you can ask your dentist to clean dentures using specialised equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaners. It will eliminate the biofilm that accumulates over time on the dentures.

Things to Avoid 

The following are some things you need to avoid to ensure that your dentures last for years.  

  • Never use hot water to rinse or soak your dentures. It’ll ruin their shape. 
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials. 
  • Avoid products that contain bleach to clean your dentures.
  • Don’t use whitening toothpaste on your dentures. 

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