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General Dental Care For Children in Coorparoo
General Dental Care For Children in Coorparoo

General Dental Care For Children in Coorparoo

Parents play a vital role in their child’s oral health. Habits established in childhood, lay the cornerstone of the outcomes of the habits of the child as an adult. So by teaching and ensuring your children understand easy steps to proper oral care, we can help them take the first steps towards everlasting health of teeth and gums. We endeavour to provide the best general dental care for infants, children, and adolescents in a relaxed, fun environment using various behaviour management techniques as necessary to manage their first visit.

First Visit

We recommend your child have their first visit to dentist by twelve months of age so that

  • We can start prevention strategies with the parents at an earlier age
  • We can detect symptoms and establish whether problem could arise before they happen.
  • Your child is provided with the chance to get to know their dentist at an early age – minimising the chances of fear of the dentist later on in life.
  • Parents can understand tooth eruption.
  • Kids can learn to make good choices and exercise self-discipline.
  • Kids learn how to brush

Preparing Your Child For The First Visit

  • Avoid transferring any negative dental fear.
  • Avoid use of words like needles, injection, drill etc.
  • Try to make it a fun visit rather than an examination
  • Children often cry in an unfamiliar environment, so don’t feel embarrassed.

Services Provided

  • Full mouth examination including discussion of teeth eruption sequence. This way you can also understand which teeth will be expected to erupt next and enjoy the milestones your child is growing through. We can discuss proper brushing techniques and dietary advice. Yes, this is very important even for kids.
  • Fissure sealants to prevent decay
  • Treatment and management of decayed tooth / hole in tooth / emergency
  • Catching thumb sucking ,mouth breathing habits early with early intervention
  • Management of crowded, crooked, missing, extra teeth and early orthodontics
  • Management of deformed teeth/poorly formed teeth by fillings
  • Management of any dental trauma
  • Mouth Guards to protect teeth and jaws from any sports injury

We love to reward our kids with a bravery and tooth fairy certificate after a successful appointment.

We specialise in gentle and caring dentistry for everyone, especially children.

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