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Preventative Dentistry Treatment in Brisbane


Our motto is …

"Prevention is better than cure and precaution is even better than prevention"

by effective tooth cleaning practices at home. Take time to listen to your mouth and look inside your mouth for any infection /changes. If any abnormality is noticed, consult your dentist. This is to nip it in the bud thus saving time, money and inconvenience caused by a dental problem.

Eat a well balanced diet and decrease the amount and frequency of acidic and sugary foods.
Limit snacking and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Full mouth examination


Professional cleaning / scale and clean by visiting your dentist every six months. By early intervention and educating the patient, we can work together to prevent problems from re-occurring in the future.

Fluoride treatment: fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and makes your teeth resistant to decay.

With children, always supervise while they are brushing their teeth and make sure you lift the lip to see and remove any plaque sitting on the gum area.


The above measures become even more important if a person has any medical condition like diabetes, heart disease etc. or taking medications or if one smokes.

Fissure sealants

fissure sealant

Fissures are the grooves found in the enamel of the teeth. They are mostly found on the back teeth which are your premolar and molar teeth. In some teeth these grooves can be very deep and narrow and can lead to food getting adhered to the biting surfaces of the tooth. So to protect these teeth from developing any decay, fissure sealants are recommended.

  • If aperson with special needs, is unable to hold on to a traditional toothbrush, an  electric toothbrush can be used. 
  • If there is any difficulty grasping the toothbrush, the handle can be modified to suit the patient’s needs

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