Veneers Vs Crowns. Which One Should I Get?

If you have a damaged tooth, you would want to conceal it. That is why you would like to go for a solution that would be best. When it is about enhancing or repairing your front teeth, there are significant advantages that veneers and crowns offer. Although both veneers and crowns serve completely different purposes aesthetically and functionally, it all depends on whether your tooth is healthy.

When we compare veneers vs crowns, the former is strictly cosmetic, whereas the latter repairs the broken tooth. If you want to understand the contrast between the two, you can get all the information in this article.

What is a Veneer?

A dental veneer is a cosmetic restoration that the dentist places on your teeth on an elective basis—those who want to make their smiles look better choose dental veneers. A dental veneer masks the natural tooth, and it helps to enhance the colour and the overall look of the enamel.

One can compare a dental veneer with an artificial fingernail because it covers the real thing and changes how it looks. Before installing it, the dentist buffs away the thin layer. Simply put, it protects your natural tooth with masking and is available in three different variations: composite, porcelain, and no-prep. Here is a detailed guide on what are veneers.

Benefits of Veneers

The following are some benefits you will get when considering veneers.

  • It can make your smile look great.
  • It addresses the whole smile zone in a single time.
  • You can easily replace it if you need braces or whitening.
  • You can tailor it to your individual needs.

What is a Crown?

You may know the dental crown as a cap, considered a next-level restoration to repair the tooth with filling if it is too damaged. As the crown goes over and around the tooth, it reinforces a broken or weak structure underneath. A dental crown distributes the pressure so you can use the tooth for normal biting.

When there is no dental crown, it is only a matter of time before your tooth breaks down. Usually, the dentist reduces the tooth to a smaller size to fit the crown over it. Tooth reshaping allows the crown to slip over it without coming in the way. Dental crowns are available in different designs and materials, like zirconia or porcelain.

Benefits of Crowns

You can go for a dental crown when your tooth is broken or has a lot of decay. It offers the following benefits.

  • Instead of placing it on several teeth, you can put the crown on one or two.
  • It protects the teeth from any cavities or cracks.
  • It also protects the weak structure of the tooth and enhances its appearance.
  • Your insurance policy generally covers it.

Which One Should You Get?

It can be easy to decide between veneers and crowns. It would be helpful to have a dental veneer when your primary concern is aesthetics. If you would like your teeth to look straighter, whiter, and suitably shaped, then you would undoubtedly choose dental veneers. You must have many dental veneers to cover your teeth in your smile zone.

Compared to the veneer, a crown is a single tooth that doesn’t stand up to wear and tear. It protects your tooth if it is already broken or weak. You may go for a crown if you have a root canal or your tooth has a large cavity. In such a case, a veneer cannot be helpful for you.

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