What Is A Snap-On Smile?

There is a broad range of smile makeover treatments available to transform the look and feel of your smile, from veneers to implants and dental bonding. Still, another alternative can deliver a Hollywood smile that you may not have heard of: a snap-on smile.

What Is A Snap-On Smile?

A snap-on smile is a cosmetic arch designed to ‘snap’ onto your existing set of teeth. They’ve been given the name ‘temporary veneers’ because they’re designed and developed to function the same way as veneers, hiding any niggling chips and cracks you’re struggling with. Snap-on smiles are identical to what a retainer looks like because they’re moulded to cover your teeth, not your gums or mouth. 

Snap-on smile is a cheaper alternative compared to extensive treatments as well.

What Is A Snap-On Smile Made Of?

A snap-on smile is made of a hi-tech dental acetyl resin, designed to make it durable and resistant to staining, similar to dental veneers. Porcelain is typically expensive, so porcelain veneer treatment typically costs more. Snap-on smile is considered more affordable for everybody with the same results expected. 

What Can A Snap-On Smile Be Used For?

Snap-on smile helps to overcome an imperfect smile. Its durability and resilience mean that it can be used in several ways:

  • Hiding Chips and Cracks – A cosmetic enhancement that can cover those chips and cracks with a simple, snap-on solution.
  • Denture – Snap-on smiles can also be an alternative to partial dentures. Dentures act as a removal bridge if they don’t have the required number of teeth as support. This goes for a snap-on smile.
  • Temporary Implant – Snap-on smile can be used as a temporary stopgap for a dental implant.

What Is The Procedure Of A Snap-On Smile?

Snap-on smile treatment is performed in three simple steps. 

  • Step 1 – Impressions: The dentist needs to take an impression of your natural teeth to begin building the custom-fitted appliance.
  • Step 2 – Creation: The dentist will send the impression to the lab to get the custom-fitted appliance moulded and developed. This is necessary so that the snap-on smile acts as an arch for the upper or lower teeth.
  • Step 3 – Fitting: The snap-on smile is returned to the dentist, and the fitting process will begin to ensure they fit snug and comfortable over your teeth.

Typically, snap-on smile treatment needs to be completed in two separate appointments. 

What’s The Cost Of A Snap-On Smile?

Snap-on smile treatment starts from $1000 for either the upper or lower arch. Location will always play a factor. Sydney and Melbourne’s dentistry is typically expensive in terms of average cost. The size and shape of your teeth also play a part. Finally, the starting cost is for either the upper or lower arch.

Is A Snap-On Smile Suitable For All?

The dentist will likely prepare a pre-examination to determine whether your dental health is strong enough for snap-on dentures. The dentist will also determine if you suffer from any dental conditions that likely require treatment beforehand.

A snap-on smile isn’t recommended for those who experience gum disease, cavities, crooked teeth, jaw alignment problems or fractured teeth. The dentist recommends that these issues be seen before putting you forward for snap-on smile treatment.

Are There Any Risk Factors With A Snap-On Smile?

A gap between the snap-on smile appliance and your natural teeth will be present. There is an added danger of dental plaque build-up if you do not perform strong oral hygiene whilst using the appliance. This is because bacteria can become trapped between the appliance and your teeth.

The appliance is removable. Therefore, continue to perform strong oral hygiene for your natural teeth and the appliance. 

It takes some time for the appliance to settle inside the mouth. There’s also an added risk of the snap-on appliance becoming loose if the structure and shape of your mouth begin to change.

How Long Does A Snap-On Smile Last For?

Typically, a snap-on smile lasts for up to five years maximum. It is not permanent and will not resolve any dental problems. The appliance will likely need replacing as well, which can cost more.

If you’re seeking a snap-on smile, consult your dentist for a pre-examination today! 

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