When Should You Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist?

When it is about the baby’s dental care, many people try to delay it, yet it is never that early to begin thinking about it. Babies and toddlers can also get cavities; therefore, when your child has a tooth, it will start to decay. Consequently, a parent needs to contact children’s dentistry and schedule a dental checkup when the child’s first tooth appears.

Please keep reading about the youngest age to go to the dentist, how to prepare your child, and what happens at the first appointment.

How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist?

Taking your child to a dentist appointment is always challenging, especially since the first visit can be manageable if you prepare for it. The following are a few steps that can make your child’s dentist visit go smoothly.

  • Start by scheduling an early morning appointment when your child is alert and fresh.
  • It is also essential for you to make your child feel comfortable and safe and remain calm. To do this, you need to keep yourself clear.
  • Try to look happy and excited in front of the child, as it can significantly impact how the child will react when seeing the dentist.
  • It is better to explain the reason for the dentist’s visit to the child and choose the words wisely and carefully.

At What Age Must You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

It is never a good idea to postpone the child’s visit to the dentist, as some parents don’t see it as necessary. They think that the child doesn’t have enough teeth and that visiting the children’s dentist is not worth it. Usually, the first dental appointment is recommended at the age of 1, and if the baby starts teething, it is a good idea to see the dentist after six months of the first tooth coming out.

It is worth mentioning that dentists not only take care of the teeth, but a dental checkup has several advantages for the child’s oral health. The child starts to establish early healthy oral care habits; it prevents cavities or tooth decay, offers parental education and gives overall health protection to the child. These days, it is common to have a child’s first dentist appointment at the age of 2, 3 or 4.

What to Expect in the First Appointment?

The first appointment of your baby at the children’s dentistry typically takes an hour, and the idea is to introduce the child to the dentist’s office and make him feel comfortable.

  • Initially, the dentist shows the chair and the tools he will use for the checkup. If a child can understand, a conversation about the exam can make him feel safer.
  • The exam portion starts after the tour. Infants usually sit in the parent’s lap, whereas the dentist assesses each tooth along with the child’s bite, jaw and gums.
  • Routine cleaning is also part of the first appointment, and with only a few teeth, the entire process can be rapid for the babies.
  • Ultimately, the dentist applies a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities and protect the enamel. 

Schedule the First Dentist Appointment of Your Child in Coorparoo, QLD, Australia

Experts recommend taking your child to a dentist within six months of the foremost tooth appearing. Dentists at Coorparo is among the top pediatric dentists with significant experience working with toddlers and infants. Not only exams and cleaning, but our team of experts will also offer oral hygiene tips to make sure that your child has good oral health.

If you want to learn more about children’s dentistry, book an appointment today!

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